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Individual musical instruction helps foster a positive environment and allows the student the freedom to create and express themselves. As toddlers, we were once bold and unafraid of our surroundings, and as such took challenges head on, under the guise that we could do anything… until life inevitably conditioned us to believe otherwise. A main objective of mine in private lessons, is for my students to rediscover this carefree, childlike approach to music, and assume a lifetime of stimulating intellectual curiosity. 

During the course of private instruction, the student and I will identify appropriate goals, contemplate on how to approach their artistic endeavors, and then reflect on the process and outcome of their performances. This will help guide the individuals path towards  a more fulfilling, and positive relationship with music, as well as the performance of it.

Oswaldo and the 2018 LMC middle school campers at UT
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Teaching Philosophy

Interested in taking lessons?
Oswaldo with his mentors, Dr. Nathan Nabb (left) and Dr. Stephen Page (right)
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